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Transway Transport, Inc., in Humble, Texas, is your dependable trucking company for reliable freight delivery. Our success is due to our experienced, dedicated team of hard workers.Together we work as a team to make sure all loads are delivered safely and on time.

Cleveland "Bubba" Farrell - President and Owner

Bubba''s many years of sales and business development experience, as well as dispatch experience in transportation made for a seemless transition to President and Owner. Bubba continually develops strategies and cultivates relationships to enhance Transway Transports market share. Bubba believes in a hands-on relationship with each customer which enables him to achieve absolute satisfaction from them.

Catherine Webb - Controller and Accounting Manager

As controller and accounting manager, Catherine is an essential team member. She has been with us for 33 years, and prior to our company being founded she was with Walden Transportation for eight years.

Steve Schmedeke - Operations Manager

Steve Schmedeke, has been with us for 30 years. He came to us with 32 years of experience in the transportation industry. Steve uses many facets of transportation management for shippers and carriers. He is an expert in over-dimension freight. He directs investigations and is on the account management team.

Rick Hummel - Dispatch/Logistics Manager

Rick coordinates and manages loads and deliveries to ensure they are efficient and remain cost-effective for both Transway Transport and the customer. He helps identify any special needs the customer may have when deciding on the best delivery method and route. Rick also ensures that all customer complaints and concerns are dealt with in a timely manner to the customers total satisfaction.

Dana Gilman - Safety Director

With 15 years of experience as our safety director, Dana oversees the DOT Compliance Program, Qualification Files, and Alcohol/Drug Program. He also manages vehicle inspections, and our hours of service. Dana seeks out industry best practices for a more effective means to incident prevention and DOT trucking compliance.

Debbie Curry - Payroll And Accounts Receivable Clerk

Debbie is responsible for many tasks dealing with the prompt and accurate payment to Transway Transports drivers. Debbie ensures the accuracy and completeness of all delivery records at the completion of each trip.  After verifying driver records, Debbie then calculates and records any deductions, garnishments, or commissions.